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Bending center for CNC pipes and metalprofiles

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Modern machinery park and high qualityworkmanship

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About us

We are specialists in bending CNC pipes andprofiles

We love heavy metal machines

Our adventure with bending began 10 years ago. Fascinated by the power and possibilities offered by modern machines, we began to implement simple projects, gradually increasing our knowledge and machine park. We are currently the leaders in the bending of CNC pipes industry and we are successfully implementing complex projects.

About us

Let's get to know each other

We operate on the market of professional services for the industry from 2010.

During this time, we have become experts in CNC machining of pipes and metal profiles. In addition to bending, we work on machining, such as cutting to size, welding stainless steel, aluminum and black steel. We have a modern, high-class machine park, which we are constantly expanding.

We help clients solve problems with bending pipes, profiles and other details.

We offer precise bending services - from 1D radii through standard CNC bending, to long arches and spiral bends on rolls. Additional welding precision is provided by the welding robot. We also deal with finishing and painting elements

About us

Our strengths

Modern machinery park

We are constantly investing in new machines and training for operators to increase efficiency and improve the quality of services.

The highest quality of products

Quality control and high skills of our employees ensure that your expectations are fully met.

We always offer advice and help 

Our staff are experts with many years of experience in the metalworking industry, they will gladly help and advise the best solution.

Nice and specific service

See for yourself! Call or write to us.


Bending center for CNC pipes and metal profiles

At APW-Tech, we produce identical series and single prototypes

We specialize in the processing of pipes, profiles and angles. Our technological and machine facilities as well as qualified staff enable us to accomplish practically every task. We provide comprehensive services from the design phase to execution.

Bending of CNC pipes

We have high-performance CNC mandrel benders, manual benders, as well as we make a variety of specialized instruments for specific applications.

We have a high-class machine park, which includes, among others:

• CNC mandrel bending machine - YLM CNC50MS

• CNC mandrel bending machine - BLM Dynamo MR100E

• Molding machine for BLM AST102 pipe ends

We specialize in the processing of pipes and profiles

Our high-class bending machines, driven electrically by servomotors, give high bending accuracy as well as fast and repeatable production.

Thanks to this, we obtain smooth, oval bending, without wrinkles.

We cut tubes thin (1mm) and thick-walled (5mm)

We mold the ends of the pipes

We form the ends of pipes and profiles - expanding, narrowing and expanding

Typical applications

• Stands and frames

• Elbows

• Handles and handles

• Furniture components

• Chair racks

• Coils and spirals

• Elements of exhaust systems

4-50 mm

⌀ diameter

Diameters of the pipe

od R 1D

1 x ⌀ diameter

Bending radii inside

Laser cutting

We offer laser cutting services in flat sheets. We cut using CNC method in black steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

We cut out any shapes, with 100% repeatability of large series, small series and prototypes

Laser cutting machine for profiles

Working range: 4120 mm x 2130 mm

Maximum thickness of sheet metal cutting:
› Structural steel: 20 mm
› Stainless steels: 15 mm
› Aluminum: 10 mm

Laser cutting of pipes and metal profiles


  • Modern machine park
  • We always offer advice and help
  • We care about the highest quality of products
  • Nice and specific service


We offer welding services for black steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

IGM robotic arm

MIG / MAG welding in an IGM robotic welding cell with 2 rotary welding tables. KUKA welding arm and Fronius power source

We offer welding of large series of products. We provide full repeatability of performance.

High weld quality - no further machining required.

Hand welding

We use MIG / MAG / TIG manual welding machines for small series and individual parts


  • MIG / MAG / TIG welding
  • Black steel, stainless steel, aluminum
  • We weld small and medium-sized details
  • Full repeatability of performance 


We paint metal elements using the powder and wet method

The resulting varnish coating is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, high temperature and mechanical damage.

Surface preparation

Dip etching (baths), depending on the material we choose the chemistry and the length of the bath.

Sandblasting, shot blasting,

The painting process

Crown – electrostatic spraying used for most surfaces, very economical, allowing you to paint gloss paints

Tribo – an electrokinetic spray used for surfaces with complex shapes, ideal for large-scale industrial painting


Through furnace 115 x 125 cm (W x H) designed for large series.

Insert furnace 215 x 200 x 600 cm (W x H x L) designed for large dimensions.


  • Powder painting
  • Wet painting



Over the years of our activity, we have gained a group of loyal customers.

We work hard to meet all expectations, but the reward is satisfaction and loyalty. See our gallery of documents and multimedia.

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